Sometimes I just stop and appreciate all the good in my life…

"My Dad"
“My Dad”

Day 226

I’m certain that I’ve said this before, but my favorite parts of this project are the opportunities I’m afforded on a daily basis; the opportunity to interact more, share more, and experience more.  Today, I had the opportunity to spend time with my Father enjoying the beautiful Colorado morning as he served as one of the Course Marshalls at the Red Hawk Golf Course in Castle Rock, CO.

Since retiring a few years back, my Dad has been occupying his time by entertaining, teaching and laughing with his grand-daughter, hanging out with his family & friends, learning, gardening, cooking, golfing, and volunteering. I’m lucky enough to spend time with my Dad on a regular basis with family get-togethers and outings, but because of this project, today I was also lucky enough to have some time just he and I. (Somehow I convinced him to let me take pics on the course and hang out with him for the morning)

I arrived at the course around 9am and jumped right into the cart (Dad was already into his volunteer shift). We headed out and cruised around the course laughing, chatting and joking with each other as he kept play moving along at the appropriate clip. We stopped frequently to check in with folks, say hello’s and ensure that everyone was doing ok; my Dad cautioned everyone about the very real dangers of rattlesnakes on the course, and recommended for folks compelled to search for lost balls to tread carefully with club in hand (After admitting to me this morning that he was no fan of snakes, he chased a very large rattler off the cart path with a ball retriever – that sucker was scary large).

I snapped photos as we went, enjoying my time with my Father, the day, the views, and the sunshine. The first of today’s photos is of my Father in front of an amazing backdrop, ball retriever (snake stick) in hand, enjoying the views, the weather, and hopefully time with his youngest. The second pic is of my Dad and another Marshall (who also happens to be one of my Dad’s good friends) willingly posing for a photo-op. I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing these two didn’t meet until later in life, they look capable of loads of trouble…

"The Marshalls"
“The Marshalls”

Both pics were captured with my Canon 6D and EF 17-40mm lens

“My Father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived, and let me watch him do it…” Clarence B Kelland

5 thoughts on “Sometimes I just stop and appreciate all the good in my life…

  1. dad

    It was a great day with my youngest. Before I chased the snake away, I grabbed it, bit it, and threw it in the weeds!


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