An absolutely epic sunburn kept me indoors for today’s pic…


Day 232

My blog has both inspired, and forced me to create photographs that I probably would have never taken if not for this daily project. Each and everyday I push myself to think creatively, to approach people, scenes, and moments in ways I’ve never considered before. I love that about this project, and after a long winter, I really love getting outside to capture those pics as often as I am able, frankly, I’m all done with being indoors. That said, you can imagine my frustration when I had to decide this morning that I needed an indoor subject for today’s photo. (My weekend was a whirlwind of fun-in-the-sun and I’m rockin’ some seriously crispy beet red skin).

Alas, once again, I was forced to use something in our house as my subject and somehow create an interesting pic… Thankfully for me, I purchased a chess board for my husband’s chess set over Christmas, and while I did photograph a few of the pieces early on in my project, thankfully, they look much different fully displayed on a board. (and hopefully they look different because I’m a better photographer now too…).


Today’s pics were captured using my Canon 6D, 100mm Macro lens with settings on Manual at 4.0 sec, f/11, ISO 6400 (tripod and remote clicker were used). To create the B&W photo, I edited my color shot using Silver eFex Pro 2.

“Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” Matt Hardy

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