Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves – Union Station, Denver, CO


Day 240


While out and about today, I made a decision that it’s high time I join a photography group. There is no shortage of groups in the Denver Metro area, they’re scattered up and down the front range.  I must admit that I’ve been considering it for awhile now, and this weekend, when I had the opportunity to work closely with another photographer, I began to realize that I could really benefit from being surrounded by other photographers.

In addition to committing to surrounding myself with like-minded folks, today I joined my very first WordPress photo challenge.  This week’s challenge – find inspiration in the curves around you… While downtown today I snapped a pic of one of my favorite Denver Landmarks that I’ve photographed many times before.  Today’s shot provided me with a completely different perspective as I focused on framing the building with the subject of the weekly challenge…curves.

Taken with my Canon 6D, 35mm lens with settings on Manual at 1/800s, f/8, ISO250

“Surround yourself with people who are better than you and you will be become better yourself.” Michael B. Kitson


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves – Union Station, Denver, CO

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