Weekly Photo Challenge: Details



Day 265

I simply can’t believe that there are a mere 100 days remaining in my 365 photography project. I am in total disbelief at the sheer volume of information I’ve learned, skills I’ve gained, and opportunities I’ve received as a direct result of this photo blog. There have been days (multiple) when I have considered throwing in the towel, when the very thought of choosing another subject to photograph or sitting down at my laptop to edit pics or type out words made me want to cry. Somehow I’ve managed to power through those difficult days, somehow I’ve managed to push through my own self-doubt and fear and keep trying, reaching and believing in myself, and somehow I’ve managed to become a full-time paid Photographer…On to the next 100 days…


I knew I wanted to participate in this week’s “weekly challenge – details”, so this morning I headed out into the backyard in search of a few water refraction shots. While lying on the wet grass in the middle of our yard grabbing pics of dew (I’m sure our neighbors think I’m a bit nutty), I noticed a teeny tiny bug chilling on a blade of grass and figured he shouldn’t be left out of all of the fun…


“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” Mindy Hale


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

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  2. hawkhamilton

    Extraordinary detail. I think I said before that you must have immense patience. I look forward to seeing your photos each day and I’m so happy that you have made a career from all your hard work. I love a success story 🙂


  3. Joel A. Bowman, Sr.

    You are obviously a gifted photographer I look forward seeing some more of your work. Also, thanks for checking out my posts. Much appreciated.

    Blessings, Joel


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