The cutting room floor, “The Summer Edition”

"Eldorado Canyon"
“Eldorado Canyon, Boulder, CO”

Day 284

I’ve done postings similar to today’s on two prior occasions, and just as before, I find that I enjoy the “second tier” photographs just as much as the ones that made the first cut.

"Busy Bumbler"
“Busy Bumbler”

I’m not sure why, maybe I’m noticing different details this time or maybe my eyes are fresh. I guess it makes no difference, I’m just pleased my cutting room floor isn’t too shabby…

"Rattlesnake Gulch Trail - Eldorado Canyon"
“Rattlesnake Gulch Trail – Eldorado Canyon, Boulder, CO”

“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself…” unknown

"Just me baking, again"
“Baking time”

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