The secret to having it all…is knowing you already do

Day 29122

Day 291

I began this journey last October with the primary goal of improving my Photography through both research and dedicated daily practice. I will admit to having a few rather “grandiose” notions of success during those early months, but those were quickly followed by several months of complete frustration with everything Photography related, and a handful of days where I could hardly muster the enthusiasm to press down on the camera shutter.

As the days have slowly ticked by my photos have significantly improved, I’ve gained a solid understanding of basic skills that befuddled me in the early months, and, much to my own amazement, I have become a full-time paid Photographer happily obsessed with all things Photo. While I love what I do, the shift in professions hasn’t been without sacrifice, and one of those sacrifices was the postponement of a much-needed, and highly-anticipated vacation.

I’m disappointed that we’re missing a family reunion, the chance to connect with folks we don’t see nearly enough, and it makes me feel pretty guilty that my husband is forced to have a “stay-cation”. Like always, he stays ever-positive and has filled our shared time-off (when we have it) with fun-filled activities and outings. He continues to cheer me on, assuring me over and over that we’ll have a nice fall getaway and that I should embrace my new opportunities.

I know he’s right and I’m super grateful to have the work and gain more experience, but today I felt the pangs of regret, sadness over not being with family, and I must admit that I desperately needed a quick trip to the water to restore my now usual happy and carefree demeanor (my new profession has provided this).

Today’s photos were taken at the Chatfield gravel pond in Littleton, CO using my Canon 6D and wide angle 17-40mm lens

Day 29119

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything…” unknown

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