There is no angry way to say “bubbles”…

Day 3013

Day 301

Our day began with capturing bubbles, included a trip to the store to get “better” bubbles and ended with another hour spent photographing bubbles. My goal was to snag a pic of my husband popping one of those many, many bubbles.

Day 3016

After 600+ shots, and many, many sighs we managed to capture one picture (yep, one) where you can actually see the bubble popping. I posted it last because the light was fading and, much to my dismay, the background in that single successful shot is complete crap.

Day 3017

Fortunately for us, we got one. Bummer for you that both of us are perfectionists and you’ll probably have to see more bubble pics before this is all said and done… Thanks to my hubby for being sooooo patient!

bubble2 (1 of 1)

“You will never regret time spent blowing bubbles…” unknown

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