It’s like a ghost town out here…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

"Independence ghost town"
“Independence ghost town – on the edge of civilization”

Day 321

I feel bad that I’m posting twice in the same day after, yet again, skipping a day. I certainly took my fair share of photos yesterday, but after nine hours of work, four hours of driving, and a wicked sunburn (somehow I forgot sunscreen) I couldn’t muster the energy to post anything. Since this is post one of two I’ll be brief in my descriptions…

The first photo was snapped near Independence, CO, a once thriving mining town that fell on tough times when the gold ran out in the late 1800’s. The second pic was taken at the top of Independence Pass – the sun was shining brightly and lighting was tricky, but I still had to capture this beautiful view…

"Independence Pass Summit"
“Independence Pass Summit – I had to brace myself tightly against a mile marker to avoid tumbling down a cliff- it gave new meaning to the ‘edge of the road'”

“…there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell…” Walt Whitman

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