A quest for fall color near Estes Park, CO…


Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

Day 334

Fall is easily my favorite of the seasons, and it has been for as far back as I can remember. I love the smell, the golden light, and I must say I feel complete joy when the temperatures finally drop, leaving the dog days of summer behind – to me, well, it’s all just blissful.


Today my husband and I took advantage of a shared week-day off, and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on a quest for cooler temps and color. We were not disappointed…I would say more about our trip, but the elevation, fresh air, and sunny skies wore me out, so that will have to wait until tomorrow…


“May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous, and lead you to the most amazing views…” unknown

10 thoughts on “A quest for fall color near Estes Park, CO…

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  2. blastedgoat

    I adore Estes Park! I just visited Colorado a few days ago and I miss it already… Didn’t make it to Estes this time but when we do we are usually camping near Allen’s Park. Thanks for taking me back to one of my favorite spots!

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  3. donald barnat

    Jeez. You LIVE near there? Oh wow. We were in Colorado last year. Really beautiful. Not enough time doing anything like hiking. These are beautiful images but they remind me that i’m way too trapped in the city. 😉

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