I feel like a slacker.


Day 341

Not in my personal life, and certainly not in my professional life, but in my blogging life (if there is such a thing). I’m in the home stretch of this life-changing and beautiful project, and I deeply love what I’ve created. I feel immense gratitude for the amazing people put in my path, I’m humbled by the beautiful moments I’ve witnessed and I’m truly grateful for the time I was able to spend solely focused on becoming a Photographer (I’m also a bit proud of this beautiful creation). I can sincerely say that my life is better. I’m better.

Yet I must admit (with a fair amount of shame) that despite all of that, I still feel utterly and completely ready to be done. I’m ready for Day 365. Though I may be ready for whatever life has to offer post-365 blog, I also know that to continue to grow and be who I wish to be that I must remain in the here and now.

With that, I give you a reflection photo I captured this morning in City Park while planning a family portrait for a dear friend that I have the honor of taking this weekend…

“Live the story you want to tell…” Simply Topaz


5 thoughts on “I feel like a slacker.

  1. spearfruit

    Molli, I am very happy to read about your transformation to a better life through your photography. I missed out on the beginning of your blog, and only been here for part of it – I am honored to be just a small part of your journey. Your photos truly amaze me and inspire me. Thank you for sharing this journey and your photos. 🙂

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