Enjoy life now. This is not a rehearsal.

Week 4

Somehow I managed to capture nearly 4,000 photographs last week. Some of those images were taken while practicing a new portrait technique, a couple thousand more I snapped while shooting a race, an additional hundred or so were grabbed while looking for new session locations, and the final few, just a handful, were captured on a back-yard deck in a suburban neighborhood, they are images that I snapped with no planning or preparation, no thought to potential background clutter, time of day, shadows or posing. Of all of last week’s photos those final few are my favorites, and the above image is the best of the bunch.

As I’m typically someone who enjoys sharing the stories behind my images just as much as I enjoy sharing my photography, I will admit that I find myself in somewhat unfamiliar territory today. Try as I may (2 days and 17 drafts), I am left without words. I’m completely unable to find my voice, and I can think only that perhaps, perhaps the story behind this image just isn’t mine to tell…

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words…” Destin Sparks



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